Outdated ceiling vents to attic

I’m overwhelmed with work to do, so I’m needing a little help tonight.

I had a 1921 house earlier today that had ceiling vents in all the closets and kitchen that simply opened into the attic, although screens were present. I didn’t like it but had never seen it before. What kind of comments are appropriate, any logic behind those comments, recommendations, etc.? Thanks.

I have a concern with food odors in the attic insulation which may attract critters. But then again that would already be an issue since the home is so old.

Mr. Spock says,

Non-standard method of ventilation is present at…this will cause excessive usage of the HVAC systems, if present, wastes utilities and reduces the home’s energy efficiency, advise as an upgrade consulting a repair person to remove the vents, seal the holes, and install insulation for greater efficiency and comfort.

Logical, based on todays building standards and insulation marketers.