Outdoor oil tank

Going to do an inspection that has an outdoor above ground oil tank. Can you give me some pointers on specific issues found on outdoor oil tanks. Northeast New Jersey.

Thank you

no compression fritting must be flared or threaded Feel bottom of tank close for decay see what year it is and look at condition good support is important not a wood frame .Copper tubing if used needs to be inside a plastic tube . I am in Canada so things could be different .

Water sitting on the bottom of the inside of the tank will rust it from the inside.

Any such rust and or flaking/bubbling probably is in need of tank replacement.

Be aggressive in checking the condition of the tank. It is costly to do a clean up of spilled oil.

Frequent Questions About Underground Storage Tanks | Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) | US EPA

NJDEP SRP - Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

This should help you here;

Above Ground Outdoor Heating Oil Storage Tanks (ASTs) - Inspection Testing, Replacement Guidelines

From the Inter-Nachi Residential SOP Section 3.4 (IV) (B)
the inspector is not required to: inspect fuel tanks or underground or concealed fuel supply systems.

You have an exterior oil tank that is rusted out, ready to fall off its block supports, legs about to let go, and the minute you leave the inspection site, all hell breaks loose and the oil tank starts leaking and falls over.

I wouldn’t want to be the one that has to defend why it happened because the SOP said I don’t have to inspect it.
That SOP hasn’t been updated in years.

I would consider you look at the oil tank in general for any possible defects as I mentioned and take the liability off your back and recommend further evaluation by a Mechanical Contractor.

I agree CYA all the time .
Any concerns at all write it up.

Agreed. I always suggested something under the tank to catch leaks if they occur. Most insurance companies will not insure if a tank in excess of 20 yrs is present. Like Roy I am in Canada. Your state/ municipality may differ.


Yup, every insurance company I used to deal with required a concrete pad under the tank.