Outdoor panel inspection when snowing

Does anyone remove the dead front panel when it is snowing (or raining)? How do clients react to these weather related obstacles?

Depends on how much you value your life.

As for me - not no, but hell no.

Most clients understand.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, that any reasonable individual would understand you just don’t remove a deadfront in the rain. Don’t think the customer needs much electrical knowledge to understand that one.


I do/would.

If I ever was faced with that challenge, I would. However, I would certainly make sure that I had my rubber-soled shoes on and was not actually standing in a nice puddle of water.

Not me, I will disclaim it in my report. That’s why it is important to put the weather conditions at the time of the inspection in your report. My life is more valuable than a couple hundred dollar inspection. Use common sense and don’t out smart it when it comes to electrical safety.:wink:

Rain doesn’t stop me from doing my job…

Yes Always .
Never stopped me from doing my inspection .

Rain…No! Lightning…Yes!

What is this thing called “lightning”?

A hockey team!