Outhouse windows

Hi I’m constructing an outhouse in my yard and I chose Bay windows for the walls. Will this be successful? Has anyone made an outhouse inspection?

Oh sure. Nick has a certification course for that I am sure somewhere…

Tip: Choose location that is downwind of your home.

Well the natural lighting will be good. Just make sure you properly terminate the bath exhaust to the exterior…:roll:

Thank you for the kind information…


Sorry for the sarcasm. If you want bay windows on your outhouse then by all means go ahead and install them. I see no issue as long as they are installed and flashed properly to prevent leakage. It would be unique for sure, but then again, so is an outhouse in the year 2016.

I personally have never inspected one, although I am in an urban area where we just do not have them. Perhaps another inspector will chime in who has some experience with them.

Best of luck to you.

You did get your Permits for that Privy, right?