Outlawing Wood Boilers?

A good friend of mine owns a company that manufactures wood boilers and wood furnaces. I was just visiting with two of his workers and they were saying how they may be going out of business. They said that the EPA is requiring that the wood has to be burned down to a certain particulate size in the unit itself and in the smoke, which current boilers don’t do. The regulation went into effect for manufacturing bans in May of this year, and the sale of them will be banned in Dec/Jan.

They said that they designed a unit that can burn the particulate to EPA specs, but it is $14k and complicated to use. Anyone else heard anything about this? These types of units are very common around here.

FYI - I guess this just applies to boilers right now. The wood furnace part comes in about 2 years according teo them

Thanks Ian looks like your buddy is correct .


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EPA’s Wood-Burning Stove Ban Has Chilling Consequences For Many Rural People



EPA ban on wood stoves is freezing out rural America –

See more at: http://www.cfact.org/2014/01/29/epa-ban-on-wood-stoves-is-freezing-out-rural-america/#sthash.jsyMHU0D.dpuf


What is an Outdoor Wood Boiler?

An outdoor wood boiler (OWB) is any furnace, stove, or boiler designed to burn wood,

where the unit is not located within a building intended for habitation by humans or domestic animals.

OWBs, also known as water stoves, typically look like a small utility building with a smoke stack.

OWBs provide heating and/or hot water to a single residence.

The basic design of an outdoor wood boiler (OWB) includes a firebox enclosed in a water jacket,

surrounded by insulation, and vented through a chimney stack.

The combustion of wood heats the water in the reservoir.

Heated water is carried through underground pipes to heat a home,

farm building, swimming pool, hot tub, or to produce domestic hot water. OWBs are more popular in rural areas than in other areas.

Most OWBs cost between $3,000-$10,000 installed.


Yikes Roy… This is a game changer for my area. I think it’s crazy that burning wood is now a bad thing. I can burn oil, throw tires in a landfill, but can’t burn wood to heat my house…

Thanks for your post I am sure many like you and me have learned more info on burning wood …

I burn wood as my primary heat and am having a hard time getting wood.
The mills in my area are paying top dollar for logs for pulp so the firewood guys cant get the logs they need.
I ordered 5 cords of green wood in April and have only received two.

Tyranny is tyranny.

Yes this includes unelected regulators. Wake up