outlet above h2o ???

This outlet is non GFI. Home is 1978. My question is this outlet above H2o supply ok? :neutral:


I recommend all outlets around water be gfci protected for enhanced safety. You can too.

I believe the NEC still requires GFCI with in 6’ of water

The question is way too vague for an accurate answer, but there is no longer a 6’ reference in the NEC.

I believe you are correct Jeff.
It is my understanding that all Kitchens and Bathrooms , and garage shall be GFCI protected and the rest of the House is on AFCI’s. :slight_smile:

Jeff when did this come about. I found this on the net from 07. thanks

No. Current standard is ALL recepticles above countertops or on islands.

Pretty much every one except serving the fridge or on the walls (not above countertops).

Hope this helps;

I got to get me the new book, thanks to all