OUTLOOK emails

Does anyone know how to block any particular person from sending emails to your OUTLOOK? I see where you can identify the emails as junk or adult… but how bout just blocking any emails that come from a particular person?

I am sooooo sick of seeing PayPal notices… 10-12 per day I bet…

any ideas would be appreciated…


Block the address from your service provider. Outlook does not block email addresses.

Good Luck!

Jeff…toss Outlook…Yahoo, you can block up to 500 addresses…

If you have McAfee you can block all the IP’s you want.

Probably other Anti-Virus software does the same.

Earthlink lets you block addresses or domains . . .



You need a link to earth up there in the hills…:smiley:

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I like Outlook as it manages my schedule and mulitple emails address…

email from my website domain
email from adelphia cable
and an old earthlink email address… the earthlink blocker is full…

I have mcafee but is that part of the standard virus protection or a spamware software that is extra??? ummm wait I may have that as well…

thanks guys…

Right now, I have a pretty slow pecker.

and happily married too no doubt

Outlook 2003 has a *very *effective junk email filter. What version do you have? If 2003, click <tools> <rules and alerts>.


I use the spambayes outlook addin. Its really cool. you train it to reject any email that you do not wish to receive. After training, it will reject 99% of all spam too. Here is the link: http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/windows.html

Its easy to set up and train and adds tool bar buttons to your outlook window.


thanks again… i am starting to get a handle on it… I have 2002 version that came with an office package.

I have mcafee spamkiller that came with my antivirus that I forgot about… duuuuhhhh!

that seems to be working real well now… and there is a training period too… i like that you can report back to the admistrator of the spam if needed… sending a boiler plate complaint to them…

thanks again

Russell I will check out the add in as well…