OutRank.Com sent me SPAM today

So I get this email from Stephen Clark telling me that www.OUTRANK.COM has partnered with Ben Gromicko, OWNER of INACHI. He’s working with NACHI and ASHI to offer the same SEO services and blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the REAL kicker, this brilliant guy, Stephen Clark of www.outrank.com open cc’s or copies my email address to about 30+ other emails of whomever. It could be other Inspectors, hell if I know? Then he’s not CAN-SPAM compliant. No physical address or opt-out of this spam?

Here’s the email… without plastering all those other email addresses of course.

I wanted to take this time to cover our partnership program for InterNachi members, We partnered with InterNachi, the owner Ben Gromicko, has asked members to take a close look at Outrank as a great way to get new clients from the search engines in a very cost effective manner. We have the InterNachi logo on our website and their members get a discounted rate for the service with no contract for less than $100 a month. We are also working with NAHI and ASHI to give their members the same offer.

We do local SEO placing your business in the local map and under the map in the organic section of the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Msn. The guarantee in writing is anytime someone does a home inspection related search in your area, you will appear front and center with your business name, professional website, and contact info. We do not use your website, we have dozens of 6 page template website, that already have the keywords and medi-tags embedded, so we simply plug your business information in, and provide a written guarantee that you will be on the 1st page within 60 days, if your not there by the 61st day we stop the billing. Which is unheard of in the industry. We don’t even charge you for the work that has already been done with getting these websites prepared, just the monthly fee.

Please go to our website and check out this short 4 minute video that will explain the program in a nutshell: www.outrank.com

There is no contract with our program. We waive the set up fee, plus cut the monthly service fee in half. You pay just $95 a month flat fee.

Stephen Clark
Senior Product Specialist
877-332-4321, ext 6471

Don’t waste your money.


This is enough to have them booted as a vendor.