Outsourcing Ancillary Inspections

I’m interested to know how you guys handle outsourced ancillary inspections (i.e. Radon, Sewer Scope etc.). How do you incorporate their report into yours? TIA


If it’s something that require a license (i.e. Radon, Pest) I would just forward the report to your client. You do not want to mis-represent yourself as being licensed for something that you’re not.

Same here.

You had it right when you said outsourced. When I bring someone else in on the inspection it is a separate transaction. I have a price table for ancillary services so I am able to quote the customer but I inform them that there will be an additional contract as well as an additional party to make a payment to. I don’t handle the money or the report so that I am completely outside of their transaction.

Thanks for the feedback!