Oven heat transfer

I have a client who wanted to know why, when her oven was on, her countertop on both sides of oven got really hot, and the oven housing hot to the touch. Is that oven malfunction?

What type of oven ?
Could be a downdraft with no ducting or something.
They are designed to vent.
Picture might help.

You need to be very specific here (wall oven,range,etc)

That happened to me once. I left the broiler on :slight_smile:

This is the kind of oven, a kitchen oven. These are the eyes on oven, strange to me. Don’t know if this pic helps.



I googled the model number with word “hot”, and came up with a possible sensor problem when oven gets too hot. It just might be bad sensor, causing oven to get too hot, and transfer over to cabinet and counter.

What brand and model is it ?
Sometimes there are vents on top by the dashboard but do not see them here.

Whirlpool model SF315PEPB3

down here the inspector jargon for that pic is a gas range
seems the mfr agrees

oven is the compartment below those 4-burners where baking & broiling occur

imo & gets written up every time i encounter, it’s obvious that’s an improper install
the burner surfaces should never be below the counter-top surface, adjust the legs or build a platform to raise the unit a few inches, assure the anti-tip can be properly secured as required

i’ve yet to see a hermetically sealed or insulated oven where no heat loss occurs through the sides, back wall & door of the unit
bypass heat will transfer to any adjacent objects

please provide the definition or better description of “eyes on oven”
never heard of or seen that model/type before and always willing to learn

Did not catch that last night

Sorry, I should have probably said eyes on the cooktop or range.

According to client, the heat transfer happens when the oven (below) is on. The oven cabinet and countertop gets too hot almost to touch.

When I googled, I got symptom of “oven too hot”, solution was to possibly change this sensor. I am thinking possibly that client not aware that oven burner stays on too long, instead of being controlled by temp sensor, causing oven to just get too hot.

Someone said they experienced similar heat when he left broiler on too long. Without working temp sensor, probably the same happens as when broiler left on too long. My guess.