Over 1,000 Students Attended

1,074 students have taken the online plumbing course as of today.

I wrote it one year ago.

  • Total Exams Finished: 1074
  • Average Grade: 81.97
  • Number of Exams Passed: 761
  • Average Passing Grade: 91.65
  • Number of Exams Failed: 313
  • Average Failing Grade: 58.42

I thank all of those who have taken the course. And for your corrections and edits. Much appreciated.
And for all of your comments and suggestions about future training and education that InterNACHI can provide either online or via NACHI.TV.
Thank you. “Learn something new every day.”

WOW! 30% failed.

Actually it’s only about 29% fail but even that seams high assuming most of the students are probably Inspectors.

My bad, I was looking at pass and fail numbers.

It was a huge classroom! :slight_smile: