Over 44 lenders nationwide choose NACHI inspectors first.

**From: **“Leticia Torres” <Leticia.Torres@drawnet.com>
**Date: **January 23, 2007 3:11:50 PM MST
**To: **<lisa.endza@nachi.org>
**Subject: **Referrals

Hello Lisa,

*My name is Leticia and I work for a company called Digital Draw Network, we work with over 44 Lenders nationwide to conduct their draw inspections. When recruiting for an inspector we always make it a point to go the NACHI web page first. *

Our company is thinking in expanding and doing draw inspections in Mexico and I was wondering if NACHI is has any Mexican affiliates? Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

thank you,

Letty M.Torres
Digital Draw Network
Recruiting Manager
Phone: 801.302.3636ext 1
Fax: 866.703.5313

Quality. Service. Technology

If you are willing to work in Mexico, please let Letty know.

DDN found me through the NACHI website and recruited me.

Ditto . . .