Over heated filter?

I checked this water softener filter with my infrared heat sensor and found that it was 89 degrees. Is this typical/normal?

You’re kidding right? You’re aiming a point radiometer at a shiny metal cylinder. What do you think you are measuring the temperature of when you do that? Why would you try to take the temperature of a cannister?

What Chuck is saying is think emissivity among other things. :wink:

I just happened to touch it when I was reading the data table and was surprised to see how hot it felt to the touch so I used my infrared to check its temperature.

You can’t get an accurate temperature on that kind of object using your infrared thermometer. You have both a very low emissivity target, a very large spot size ratio on your detector and a physical shape which exacerbates both. Don’t even try.

I disclaim all water treatment systems and suggest that you do the same unless you have some expertise in them. Any chance there’s a UV light inside there producing heat? https://www.h2odistributors.com/650692-uv-max-model-c4-12-gpm-uv-system?adtype=pla&kwd=&id=18283950120&gclid=CjwKEAjw97K_BRCwmNTK26iM-hMSJABrkNtbG3Y-KG8agMF1SgWO0cXnyuwTCLvZCFv21_Om4a3zUxoCcb3w_wcB

The point of the question isn’t the accuracy of a filter canister heat, the point of the question is: Should a filter canister even be a little bit hot? And yes I do disclaim water softening equipment on a regular basis. I just like to do a good job for my client and I suspected that this canister shouldn’t be this hot and the client did too.

Good call Chuck I don’t ever see these’s


Here is more.
Chuck is trying to keep you out of trouble so google something if he says something.


Do you think 89 degrees is hot? Or surprised by “how hot it felt…”?
In my area, everything in the garage is above 90 all day long, including the outside of a storage vessel or water tank.


It was such a simple question, which, from the answers by all the experts, nobody seemed to know much about. A simple, “I don’t know much about water softener filters”, would have been more helpful.

You found a working light bulb. The big box it’s connected to on the wall that says “UVMax” is your giant hint. I tried to guide you to it, but to no avail.

Like I suggested: Stay away from things that you are not competent to inspect.

I provided links. Did you read them?

Looks like a UV filter to kill bacteria. What is the big deal. See them all the time in the mountains.

Oh boy!!