Overall Ratings

I’m in the beginning stages of customizing my own template. I sat through the 3 hr tutorial with Wayne which was VERY helpful. I remember one thing he said, he wouldn’t put Good, fair, poor, n/a, none on his template. My question is what do you guys all put? I know it’s gonna be what I feel is best, but I just need some direction cause I have no clue. Thanks guys!

Only checkboxes in Texas.
Nobody uses them anymore.

That sounds like a response from my wife… what exactly do you mean???
I use my own Narrative’s no check boxes, do what works, meets standards and makes you efficient!

I don’t use the ratings feature.

Anthony did you understand the question and answer ?
You just said you use narratives and question my comment that nobody uses check boxes anymore .

Side bar …Your wife ?..please clarify that .

I wish HIP had customizable ratings and icons. I like the other software that has different icons for “repair” “hazard” etc. Or maybe it does and just haven’t figured out how to change it

Anyone have a template they wanna share for ideas?

You can change the ratings, I liked the look of icons when I first looked at a report with them. Upon reviewing reports that used them I found myself having to check on what icon(s) stood for… and figured that a client who may be reading their first home inspection report would have to be constantly referring back to the legend to see what icons stand for. I don’t use icons or ratings.

I use the ratings check boxes. It lets the client know I looked at everything. For example, under “Bedrooms” “Wall Condition”, if I check “Good” it let’s the client know that I looked over the wall condition without further narrative needed. I may check more than one box, i.e under “Bedrooms” “Wall Condition”, if I check “Good” and “poor” I give a brief narrative about what justified the “poor” check. Let’s say for instance, “Southwest upstairs bedroom walls had fist-sized holes that need repair.” I don’t have to say the rest of the bedrooms were fine, that’s what the “Good” checkmark is for. I’ve had many compliments that my reports are easy to understand, and the check boxes help with that.
But, to each their own.


thanks for the input, I really like that. Makes a lot of sense and when I think about how I might do inspections, thats how I’d probably do it. Thanks

Ratings are definitely there for flexibility so guys that want to use them can.

When I started HIP 14 years ago about 90% of inspectors used ratings and now I’d say 90% don’t. They’ve integrated the rating into their narrative itself.

So, basically, you’re saying to use them if you want to stand out from the rest of the pack?!

Hah, that would make you look different! There’s many other things that make you look different too like video, popup glossaries, digital stationery, etc :mrgreen:

In the short term, maybe. You know dang well as much as I do, that as more and more inspectors incorporate those things into their reports, they all become the same, thus my previous comment. Nobody is doing the old school methods anymore, so going “Retro” is the way to stand out! A “USP” only stays viable for a short period of time. Just look at all the guys doing the “widget” thing from that other vendor. Do I really need to say more??? :razz:

You may as well go full retro, show up in a horse and buggy, and use a quill pen with an ink well to hand write the report. :wink:

About a 90 minute drive… Harmony, Minnesota…

That’s fuel efficiency at it’s finest!