Overcurrent for AC - WRONG???

check out these pics.
house built in early 1960’s
panels in bedroom closet

almost 100% that the small box is acting as the 30 amp overcurrent for the AC.

power supply to it is the double tap on the 50 amp breaker at the top right.

I understand the double tap is wrong.
I also understand that the white “hot” wires in the smaller box should be labeled black.
Single self-tapping machine screw was holding the front cover on.

Am I just looking at an issue of support/protection of the romex hanging outside the panels?
Am I missing anything else?

how about the clothes closet problem and the working space problem

that’s exactly why i mentioned this.

the following was from an former post by joe tedesco.

240.24(D) Not in Vicinity of Easily Ignitible Material

Overcurrent devices shall not be located in the vicinity of easily ignitible material, such as in clothes closets.

Examples of locations where combustible materials may be stored are linen closets, paper storage closets, and clothes closets.

obviously my pic fits under this, but if it were original to the house (early 1960’s) then what.

no city inspection in this town.

guess i’m on my own with documenting it as a fire hazard?

The clothes closet language showed up in the 80s but the easily ignited materials language was there for many years before that.

Missing insulating bushings, red wire connected to neutral bus.

The reason the wording showed up later was because the clothes caught on fire (not a good thing). If it was unsafe in the 80’s, then it was also unsafe in the 60’s and should be reported as such. Recommend an electrician to evaluate. The buyer then determines what course of action to take.


Double taps @ Main OCPD??
White (neutral) going to breakers
bunched Wires under One screw
Missing fittings (as pointed out already)
OLD cloth wire (scary)
Open OCPD Knock out See first pic with panel cover on…
Main panel bonding…Can’t see it
Red wire going to neutral buss for …???
Sub panel neutral and ground separated…Can’t tell
Service panel legend marked or just hack job markings… See service panel
label…can’t tell if properly marked…
Sloppy wiring job… DIY’er

Oh ya the closet thing too…:smiley: