Would anyone call out this type of construction. The overhang is aprrox 8feet on the one end? The roof is engineered truss.


As an engineered system, it should be fine, Buck.

Did you have a specific concern?

Not really, it just looks different. Whole neighborhood full of them.

If it’s a engineered truss then it should be fine.

If you have access there should be a bearing point where the truss bears on the plate. If there is none I’d question if the truss was designed for the stresses involved.

I could not get that far into the attic.


I’d be more concerned with the downspouts from the upper gutters
emptying onto the roof and overwhelming the lower gutter system

Agree with Larry, I have no concern with this design.


Is that the one in the other thread with the wasps?

Yes, Iwrote those downspouts also. There were three.

ditto down spouts and missing kickout flashings:D