overhead or split central air system

Our house is just over 60 years old with a boiler for heat so there is no ductwork. It’s a two story with unfinished basement and crawlspace for attic. To enter the attic, we need to get a ladder and push aside a ceiling panel but we never go up there because of the inconvenience and lack of standing room. We were looking into ductless split system air and was told it would be more expense than an overhead system because it would require two units to heat the whole house. The overhead system would be located in the attic crawlspace with tubes extending through walls and closets to cool the house. It’s like an oven up there once spring hits. Can these systems take the heat up there? How would maintenance work and how would they even be able to get the unit up there?

The air handler will be able to take the heat. The condensing unit will be outside. A hole might need to be cut to bring the air handler in the attic.
Ductless split systems are best to be used for smaller square footage because of the cost of the units.

Why dont you just call a heating and air company to come by and give you a bid… With the energy rebates that are available you should come up with a good price and the best system to satisfy you and the gov.

Mr. Slim may be able to help you.


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