Overly long Signature stamps

Is it at all possible to limit the number of lines “signatures” at the end of some folks posts? These signatures are anywhere for a few lines to 10 lines in length! That takes up alot of message space.

If people need to extol their companies, their positions AND other sundries, why not just put a link to your website and spare the rest of us your advertising and other trivial info. Do we really need to read someones resume on every post and their positions, and other useless info?

Two lines three lines, okay, but to use without care spaces and more spaces… This is not an advertising board, but it is sure beginning to look that way. Please put the info in your profile where it belongs.


[FONT=Arial]***Raymond Wand
[size=2]Home Inspector
[/size][FONT=Arial]***Ontario NACHI Member

*** Everything you read here is useless

***[FONT=Arial Black][FONT=Arial]This takes up much space, wasted space

[/FONT]***[/FONT] Who are we trying to impress with this useless info?

Questions or Comments blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
to many spaces, too many lines, to many returns

See how much space I can waste.
Oh did I mention I am a home inspector, and
have a wife and six kids and a dog,
Oh I forgot I drive a pick up to my inspections.
more blah, blah, blah, blah.


concur :mrgreen:

Yes but will others get the message? :wink:


We can always hope!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In many cases the tag lines are more interesting than the posts, though!

Also, in the case of those who have local chapters or state chapters and are promoting them (Harvey comes to mind) I see no harm in advertising those to the membership.

Right on, I fixed mine and agree, especially when the list is so long you forget the purpose of the thread!

The small icon at the top takes anyone who is interested to the poster’s web site.

:roll: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :roll:

:wink: :cool:

You guys are gonna make me feel bad about my Slinky line!

NOT :smiley:

Why do we have to continually read the same signature line, time and time again? So what if they advertise the chapter. That is why there is the “topic” title and other spots on this board specifically for announcements.

Just remember less is more! :wink:

lol…I happen to like my ever changing sig line…:slight_smile:

So why don’t you just list the website and spare us the details? Click this. :slight_smile: ha, ha… :slight_smile: :wink:

well…I am a shallow man with very little in life and I figure if I post it here I will get the warm and fuzzies and feel good about myself.

It’s all about keeping the barrel out of the mouth…you know…:slight_smile:

Hey Wait…mine does not take up all that more than yours actually…in size that is…lol

Here’s an even better method. Go to “Control Panel/Edit Options/Thread Display Options” and un-check the "Show signatures’ box. You won’t have to look at any of them anymore. :slight_smile:

Thanks… I went to the Control panel and changed as instructed. Kudo’s to Michael. I didn’t even know that option existed.

I also reduced my signature by one line. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the new board but the signature lines were picked up by the search engines crawlers.

I am fishing for crawlers myself Paul, nice catch.:slight_smile: