I noticed on overseeit.com that my website is not listed. It is on the other sites like inspectorseek.com. Anyone know how I can have it listed on overseeit.com. Is there a login where I can add it to my profile?

Or am I a dumbsh**?

Umm…no need to answer that question!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Click where it says Join Now. Enter your NACHI Number and you will be listed.

I already joined last month. I am listed but my website is not listed.

Michael…Log-in (top right corner) then go to “Edit your Profile”, go down about 1/2 way and enter your website url. While you’re there make sure all of the other info is correct, especially the zip codes you serve. That profile drives many other things, i.e. the www.overseeit.com information.

To be clear, you are saying login to the member section of the InterNACHI site and make the changes, correct? If I am correct, I did that about 3 weeks ago. On the other sites like inspectorseek.com my site is listed.


I had a similar problem a few months back when I changed companies.
Email Nick and he will correct it.

Check your profile preferences Mike…i just now signed up and it all went through instantly…jim

Which preferences? Can you edit them on overseeit.com?


Nick, my website is listed in my profile. It shows up in the other inspector search sites.