Owens Corning Changes... NOT a fan

So I’m new to the forums. I’ve been a member here now for over a year, but was never able to access the forums each time I’d try.

I’m new to inspecting, so was using the Owens Corning program to supplement my inspections. Recently I’ve noticed there have been changes made to the program. Now instead of first come first served, it’s changed to stating you are available and you’ll get the job based on your location to the job and experience in the program.

I’m curious why this has changed? If I’m available to do the inspection by the date specified, why does it matter how far I’m traveling if I’m willing to make the trip? When you send me the lead, you tell me where it’s at and I decide if I’m willing to travel there before saying I can do it.

As a gripe, this seems like an “everyone gets a trophy” sort of move. Having started my business in November, I’m at my desk trying to generate leads for inspections and have missed out in 4 OC jobs recently that were given to other inspectors through this program even though I responded as soon as I received the email.

Just my gripes with the program changes :slight_smile: not at all a fan of the changes.

Just a WAG here, but…

From your description, it sounds as if this ‘new’ direction will allow an inspector with thirty years experience and in the field at the time of the lead generation, the same opportunities to service his/her own community as given to the newbie inspector with zero experience and sitting behind a desk at the time of the lead.

Seems like a great benefit to the consumer and the company.

Hey Zach,
I have a question for you.
When OC dispatches a job inquiry, are they required to honor NACHI safety practices?
For example, the roof is 3 stories high. Do they expect us to go up there and perform the job criteria?
Thank you.

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Let’s be honest, if an inspector is busy enough, they aren’t wasting their time on these inspections. Remember, everyone started from the same spot, being the newbie with no experience. So we all had time behind the desk versus being in the field inspecting. The seasoned guys I know don’t want anything to do with this program. I’d GLADLY exchange roof “inspections” for home inspections, but I’m still trying to crack that nut in my area. The OC Roof Data Tech doesn’t require an ‘inspector,’ it requires someone that knows how to get on a roof, remove 2 shingles, replace them, take some pictures and measurements. Nothing really to do with inspections so it doesn’t matter if you’ve been inspecting a week or 50 years for this program.

With the old system, if a lead comes through and I’m available, I state that I am, I get the lead as soon as I state I can. I can then contact that lead a day sooner than the new system allows. So is it about the client, or being fair to inspectors?

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I usually google the address and can get a feel for the home based on the street view. If you see the job and feel like it’s out of your league as far as accessing the roof, you just let OC or the girl who handles the Nachi side of the OC program know that you can’t perform the job and they will pass it along to someone who can.

Thanks for your help!

I remember signing up for this a few years back (when things were still slow) and never received a request. And at this point in the game, I’m kind of thankful for not getting a callout and would turn it down today.
I just kind of wonder about these “Side Offering” we sometimes grab onto when it comes to liability and or in the off chance you (or someone else) gets injured performing one of these “Side Jobs”. Is OC going to cover you? Your regular E&O and GL is not going be covering you. All of them I have seen require you to have a Signed Pre-Inspection agreement with a client and I’m sure this for many other reasons is outside the scope of the insurances we carry.

I rarely log on to this site and have seldom posted but, here I feel compelled.

I signed onto this OC roof agreement at $140.00, first come received the job. This was the agreement take the job or not.

Only a couple want okay, noting most were difficult to deal with, large homes, multistory, excessive time to measure and simply put not worth the trouble, hoped it would get better… never has.

One home owner calling my office wanting to bless me out because OC wasn’t responding.

Was sent to a home with the wrong shingle listed on the work order resulting in confusion and an additional trip, which I was supposed to get paid for and never was, an additional 60 plus miles thank you!!!

Now they have this third party pay system, just more for me to keep up with.

Now they have “adjusted the fee” they’ll pay, last one down to $131.00.

I’m a busy man and don’t have time for these shenanigans, I’m done with it!

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