Owens Corning Roof Inspections

Anyone done any of these in Florida yet?

I think maybe Preston did??? Someone said they did one. Did not seem to profitable or well organized.

I think it is profitable and well organized. Read comments from members who are actually doing them: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f77/update-owens-corning-roof-program-85063/

We expanded the program into 14 more states today.


I may and have been wrong before but the guy who posted he did one in South Florida did not seem to positive from what I remember. I don’t know where the post is but someone with more free time than me I am sure can find it.

I hope it works out great and we all can get rich off it personally. I am just posting what I remember a member stating about it.

That would be me, Mike. I did the first one for OC in Seminole, FL. The actual inspection went just fine…about 45 min with a very talkative client. The delay was getting the materials from Lowes, which had no idea what I was talking about. Went to the Pro Desk first, no clue…sent me to Cust Serv desk…no clue. Finally let me have the shingles and said they would work it out later. This was on a weekend, so maybe the staff was not informed yet. I just made out my own pdf report with photos, and emailed. Owner had the shipping folder already, so I used that instead of waiting a week for OC to send me my own folders.

I know this stuff will be worked out and the report software is coming soon. Looking forward to the next one.

I did one in Volusia county a couple of weeks ago. It went pretty smooth. Lowes was not to bad. Looking forward to some more.:mrgreen:

Bradley and John thanks for the info. Please keep us informed.

Did one here in Hernando County last week. Real smooth, real easy, great communications from NACHI. Lowes supplyed all materials for free. Thank you NACHI for taking the time put this great opportunity together for home inspectors. I look forward to more orders in the future.


Jim how much total time involved in all travel, store, sitework, office… etc? What did it pay?

Mike, From the time I left my house to the time I pulled out of the driveway I want to say the entire process took me about an hour. Keep in mind it was my first job so it had a learning process. I’m certain after a few more jobs I will have it down to 30-40 minutes.

The trip to Lowes to get all of the supplies was real easy. Lowes had the account in the data base and it was a snap checking out. Lowes supplied me with enough materials to do probably 50-60 jobs before I need to restock. They supplied me with bundles of shingles in different colors, box of nails and tubes of tar. Honestly, I was very impressed with how smooth the entire process went. It certainly shows that Ben at InterNACHI really thought the entire process through.

A email from interNACHI gets sent to you with all the needed info about the job. Client name, phone, address, shingle type, shingle color-the works!

Hers how it went:
InterNachi called me asking if I would like a job, Of course, I said “YES”. Soon following, a email arrived from Internachi giving me all the needed info for the job. I called the client, scheduled the job, exchanged two shingles, took all the required pics, boxed up the shingles in the prepaid box, filled in all the info on the fillable web link supplied by InterNachi and i was done. I really liked it and I’m hoping for more to come. I completed the job last week so I don’t know the fee. They determine the fee based on the complexity of the home.

The online web based site to fill in the data collected from the job-site was real easy. It uses all drop down box’s so its dummy-proof.

Hope this helps!


Thanks great info. Glad to hear it is going so smooth. Please let us know the fee once you get it.

Has anyone had issue with getting payment? I did a job on Oct. 1 and still trying to get paid.

We pay every member within 48 hours after the sample is received.

Jay, I checked, your check was mailed and never cashed. This was the 2nd check we mailed you for this job. The first time it came back and you gave Kelsea a different address to mail it to. She did. Is there a third address that would be better?

Kelsea email me today to confirm my address.
Hopefully we got third times a charm.

Thanks for looking into it for me!


It takes a while for the payment to come.
Mailed my shingles 11/16 and havent seen it as of todays

I had a second job where I called the homeowner
and advised him the info per instructions.
I arrived there and he says he’s had second
thoughts and called the installer (contractor) and the
contractor said he’d never heard of that program
and Owens doesn’t warranty algae.

Oh well… atleast he didn’t stop me during the

oops looks like I’m complaining…
But they go really smooth though…

Have done a couple. Yes they are few and far between but when I get one just schedule it in. Work is work

I’ve done 3 in the last 9 months And I’m still tiring to find where I’ve been paid.

I have been contacted on two occasions. responded within a few minutes to claim the job, but was beaten to it both times… I need to come up with an automatically generated response to the email job request that is sent out. Anyone know how to do that. Similar to an automatic generated out of office reply. Hate missing opportunities!