Owens Corning

Just finished another Owens Corning Data collection job… Got it down to a science now. I even have the UPS driver picking up the shingles at my door step with one phone call… Keep them coming.

What tool did you use to take off the bad shingles?

Still waiting for any of them to come to NY

Awesome. We go national with the program very soon.

I used a flat bar ( wonder bar). They come right up!!

@Redneck Roy: You mean you have never worked on or repaired shingles?:roll:

cant wait…it isn’t in my area yet. keep us posted, Nick.

Hey Brother.
Yes! I just wanted to see what they were using.
However. I usually take off the whole roof not just two.
How you been doing.
I knew if I put that red neck line in there you would respons.


You seen Tom Petty around town lately?

Jake Owen was just in Vero Beach recently doing some impromptu jamming.


Taking off the whole roof is a whole different strategy than just selectively R & R’g damaged shingles.

It takes a lot of careful coaxing and a lot of Wet R Dry.

As a matter of fact I seen him a couple of weeks ago. He told me to tell you Hello.