Owner Occupied

If you are inspecting an owner occupied home with the owner present. If the owner asks how the inspection went, how would you respond? Also do you ask them if you can take pictures? This is a home they are selling and a buyer hired you to inspect the home.

I tell them that the law prohibits me from speaking with anyone about the condition of the home except for my client.

No, I don’t ask them anything, except “may I use your bathroom”.

My response to the question has been:

All homes have something wrong with them.
The owner has always agreed with me so far.

I then explain that I only point out what I see as potential issues and the buyer then makes a decision if it is an actual issue to them.
The owner usually responds with a remark about how that is fair enough.

I always make sure to thank them for allowing me to come into thier home before I start the inspection and again once the inspection is complete.

The question that I dont like is “Would you buy our house?”
I then complement them on the fact that they have a (nice, lovely, wonderful, elegant, insert comment here) home, my wife would kill me if I tried to buy a home that (insert any reason here).

Eric I hate to say this but…
You need to grow a pair.

Just be friendly and defer to your client.

Actually Bobby thats what I do, I was just seeing what everyone else does.

I tell them that the buyer hired me to do the inspection and that is where the Realtors come in as to what they want to get fixed. I have made comments that they can go in and fix anything I find, and then find out that the buyer wants to change it anyway.
Now if it is a SAFETY issue, such as gas leak, improper vent or duct work, etc., I tell them immediately.

I compliment them on their home then inform them that the buyers Realtor or attorney will be communicating with them or their Realtor on thier decisions.