Hellow all!
I’m Charley, my company is Closer Look Inspections LLC. (as in, honey, we better get a closer look before you buy this…). I’m at the point were I need (4)
mock/free inspections to become a certified inspector. I’m hoping for advice as to getting them. I’m thnking of conacting some realtor contacts I have and laying it out. Is this a bd idea?

Charley Sparks
Closer Look Inspections LLC
Westminster CO 80030

Why not inspect you friends house including your own place?

Family and friends are the best way to do it along with no Realtor up your a-s.

My advice is do not contact Realtors for mock inspections. The last thing you’ll want is a bunch of Realtors to know you are new and not experienced.

As mentioned, ask your friends and family.

thank you for your advice! I’m actually wanting a couple realtors “up my ***!” I can prove my value as an inspector, what I need is the opprotunity to prove it. I’m lacking in the area of friendsand family. In my experience, a mistake can sometimes be the best sales tool ever, depending on how it’s managed. Thank you!!!