Ownes Corning MiraVista Proposed Settlement

2 October 2006

Today I received notice from the Miravista Settlement Administration out of Lancaster, California concerning a proposed settlement involving Owens Corning MiraVista Shake and Slate roofing products. These tiles, (collectively referred to as “MiraVista”), were marketed and sold between 1996 and 2002. MiraVista was designed to replicate the look of a cedar shake or natural slate. They are a composite roofing product made from fiberglass, resin and inorganic fillers, and are not a fiber cement product.

NACHI was notified because:

  • An $11 million Settlement has been proposed involving individuals who own or owned a home or building on which MiraVista was installed.
  • We may have contact with individuals who own or owned property on which this type of roofing was installed, and they are seeking our assistance in informing potential Class Members of this Proposed Settlement.
    Complete information, including product identification instructions and important dates can be obtained by visiting www.miravistaclassaction.com or contacting the claims administrator at 1-800-947-4460.

For those that would like a copy of the full 13 page notice that I received please contact me with your fax number and I will forward it to you. Fax requests only.

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