ozone cleans third hand smoke?


Does Ozone treatment eliminate the carcinogens and toxins from third hand smoke so it will no longer pose a threat to us for living in a home owned by a smoker for 20 years?

Not concerned so much about odour, more concerned about the safety of my pregnant wife, toddler and next baby.


You really need to clean the whole home and then run the ozone machine. I am not a doctor, so the health effects I cannot comment on, but as long as you leave the smoke soaked porous materials in the home without at least sealing or complete removal, you will always have some residual affects.

I would recomend you Google Home Ozone treatment and read what you get and make up your own mind.

Ozone works by oxidizing the phenol gases from cigarette smoke. To do this you need to “Shock” the area with large amounts of ozone over a very short period of time. No people, pets or plants may be present during the process. Any nature rubber products must be removed or sealed in plastic during the treatment. Once complete, the room or structure must be aired out and the level of ozone present must be below 0.05ppm before it’s safe to re-enter. Don’t try to do this yourself. Hire a trained professional.