I remember reading on here recently a really good disclaimer for when you inspect a disgusting P.O.S. that has sooooo many defects it would be impossible to list every single one. I believe Jeff Pope had a great suggestion. I can’t seem to find the thread. Any help is appreciated.

Is this it?

The property has been neglected, and we will not comment further on the obvious and numerous deficiencies. However, you should obtain estimates from a general contractor, because the cost of renovation could significantly affect your evaluation of the property.

Yep, that’s the concept. However, I think I want it to be more “wordy” because this place just feels like a lawyers wet dream. I made it extremely clear to the buyer that I’m not going to be able to include every defect and that it’s going to probably cost a lot of money but I want it clearly, specifically explained in writing as well. Honestly, she said she probably wasn’t going to buy the house but I still want to CMA.

There was a recent thread here that had like a paragraph disclaimer regarding these homes.

LOL it must be the for POS i have a 33.000 home tomorrow,

How about:

This structure is Fubar. It is strongly recommended that you contact a qualified Bulldozer Contractor for an estimate for correction. :wink:

LOL I wanted to tell her that but I think she was thinking the same thing. :mrgreen:

Excellent question Kevin!:mrgreen: I would like to see something also. I sort of remember their being a thread with a disclaimer posted. Maybe by one of our California friends, indeed!:mrgreen:

The statement I posted was from here.
That may be it.

Like it Bob!