P&S PlugTail

P&S PlugTail

done so soon, no wonder we find all those missing faceplates :stuck_out_tongue:


the hospital where i currently work until i can start doing inspections, the electrical contractors started using these about 2 yrs ago they are quite nice when we have to replace them do to them burning in the back because the installer did not seat them completly. overall i like them

Very nice, now, if the drywaller’s router bits will just stay away…

The PlugTail receptacles are mostly featured in commercial work. That’s not to say there’s not some resi contractors out there someplace using them. What they’re for is to allow unqualified laborers to plug in the receptacle, screw it to the box, and install the cover plate. Everything wiring related is done at the ruff by someone who knows a little more. My fear is that the “git R done” laborers might overlook RotoZip damage and plug the thing in anyhow and slap on a cover plate.