How far can the p-trap be located from the sink drain?


Thanks Juan
I have it around here someplace but couldn’t find it lol

NP. I have them all on my phone.

Great idea Thanks!

Juan I am curious how you are storing yours ?
G docs,Evernote,dropbox,etc.

Eh. No storage needed. I don’t have them on my phone Per se. I have an I phone so I can add links to my home page.

Here’s another screen shot of some links I refer to frequently.

Ok got ya though that’s a lot of links for a home page if you have many.
I use Google bookmarks for the live links and gears for PDF myself unless you are somehow able to store bites of information that is.

No idea how that i phone feature works.

Time to charge your phone Juan :slight_smile:

Bob, it’s basically like bookmarks on my home screen.

Troy. I know I was rushing to send that one before it died :slight_smile:

Juan, that is a Great Idea. Thanks for sharing, I am setting up a Link folder now as we speak.:wink: I usually just google something if I need info on the spot, but this is a good handy quick reference method.


I thought it was just some stupid newbie thing I needed :slight_smile: glad I could help though!

Why would a link folder be any faster than G Bookmarks ?
Link means it still needs to go online unless you are doing offline Micro sd storage…oh wait Apple does not have removable storage…:slight_smile:

LOL, yeah I’m not quite in the droid caliber yet, still just a little apple…LOL