Nice. I guess P2P is taking its lead from OAHI who did their own little draw in December for a trip for four to Caribean Island.

So much for a professional self regulating home inspection association.






   Grand Prizes:  3 Custom        Vacation Packages ($5,000 each)
   3 Sony Digital        Camcorders
   Grand Prize Draw: April 15,        2006
   PLUS 2006 Early Bird        Prizes
   700 Bushnell 10 x 25        Powerview Binoculars
   600 Emergency Power        Flashlight/Radios
   400 Premium Ergonomic Tape        Measures
   306 MS 32 Accutape Distance        Estimators
   EARLY BIRD DRAWS:  FEB        15, MARCH 15, APRIL 15
   SIMPLY DROP YOUR BUSINESS        CARD INTO THE DRAW BOX IN YOUR OFFICE ON A MONTHLY BASIS [size=2](cards picked up end of each month) AND[/size]
   mail your business cards on a        monthly basis to:
   Pillar to Post Winter        Contest
   51 Monterrey        Drive
   Toronto, ON
   M9V 1S9
   Good Luck!
   If you require a home        inspection

please give us a call at 416-749-7678
visit us at www. ptpinspections.ca for more info.



Four inspectors 3 are NACHI members and one is an OAHI member
This sure does not look good for the Canadian leader of P2P who is also an OAHI director and an CAHPI director.
Looks bad for the director ( Trevor Welby-Soloman ) of OAHI/CAHPI to have 75% of his inspectors not members of his association.
It also looks bad for
Andrew Radomski, He sits on many of OAHI committess and he has hired three NACHI Members

Roy Cooke sr A Happy NACHI Member

The notice was sent via email and was sent to Realtors offices. When you go to their website their is no mention of the Draw. As I remember as Chair of the DPPC our committee ruled that draws specifically directed to Realtors was a no no, and the draw had to be open to all, including the public.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Typical why would Trevor start to follow the rules now he has ignored them in the past.
OAHI still does not follow their rules and does not set a good example for the membership.
Been there seen it before.

Roy Cooke sr A Happy NACHI Member

Just another example of special interests and special status within OAHI and CAHPI. Just look who has positioned themselves within the organization.

These are the same people who will be overseeing certification, considering the gravity of this ad, it makes you wonder about special interest and fairness.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

it makes me wonder more about their ethics.

I’m giving serious consideration about joining http://www.independentinspectors.org/](http://www.independentinspectors.org/) where marketing to realtors is forbidden, and this sort of promotion is also forbidden. Marketing to realtors is a loosing proposition in the long run.

What experience have you had with IHINA?
What is your experience or opinion of this philosophy?


Belonging to Independent inspectors is only as good if everyone else joins. Joining IHINA in my opinion will not prevent your competition from soliciting Realtors. Lets face it there are many fine Realtors who are not afraid of recommending good inspectors.
You don’t have to join not to solicit Realtors. But you could disclose that you don’t solicit them for work just as I state on my website. Soliciting is different then receiving referrals from agents in my opinion.

I do have serious concerns about this type of activity because of P2P presidents’ association with CAHPI and OAHI and the inspectors who is promoting this.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Competition Bureau Promotional Contests


Section 74.06 of the Competition Act, which is a civil provision, prohibits any promotional contest that does not disclose the number and approximate value of prizes, the area or areas to which they relate and any important information relating to the chances of winning such as the odds of winning. It also stipulates that the distribution of prizes cannot be unduly delayed and that participants be selected or prizes distributed on the basis of skill or on a random basis. It should be noted that in addition to complying with section 74.06 of the Act, a contest must be lawful as it relates to other federal statutes such as the Criminal Code, as well as other relevant provincial statutes and local by-laws. The possible applicability of these statutes and by-laws should be explored.
If a court determines that a person has engaged in conduct contrary to section 74.06 it may order the person not to engage in such conduct, to publish a corrective notice and/or to pay an administrative monetary penalty of up to $50,000 in the case of a first time occurrence by an individual and $100,000 in the case of a first time occurrence by a corporation. For subsequent orders, the penalties increase to a maximum of $100,000 in the case of an individual and $200,000 in the case of a corporation.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

They have been doing this in the states for a long time. Kind of sad isn’t it? I personally feel that any NACHI members involved should be reported to the ESOP Committee.


You don’t know half the story about the way P2P conducts it self. I would report them to OAHI but I know where that will go. OAHI itself has conducted a draw. Unfortunately some in OAHI saw nothing wrong with that draw either. Same people who tell you NACHI is inferior. Look who’s calling the kettle black.

It is a black eye on our industry when some cheapen the professionalism. The fact that some individuals sit on a National Initiative and permit this sort of activity is very disheartening.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON


What is even more of a concern the individual who sent out this Draw Notice is also a member of the Discipline Professional Practices Committee (DPPC) along with Education Committee, Admissions Review.

How can anyone be assured of independence and fairness within OAHI when these sort of conflicts are allowed. This person sits in judgement of others. Seems someones judgement and positions maybe in conflict with one another.

I really think OAHI and CAHPI should be audited. No one can assure objectivity, and independence and assure accountability.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

There is not much use in sending in a complaint OAHI is two years behind in catching up on previous complaints.
This makes me wonder how they ever expect to spend the time and effort testing inspectors for the National Certification when they can not even get last years minutes out or the fincial statement.
Please do not ask them questions they do not reply.

Roy Cooke sr … R.H.I.

A Happy NACHI Member

If you know how to sweep dirt under a rug there is a place for you in the organization. :slight_smile: :wink: oops:

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I don’t know about you guys but I think that the situation in Canada and especially in Ontario is getting so out of hand that it is time for N.A.C.H.I. to call a press confrence with Nick in attendance with the objective of shining the light of truth on several organizations and their opperations.

It is all well and fine to trumpet N.A.C.H.I as being the biggest, best and fastest growing org. in Canada ( and the world) but we need some organized representation on the National front and we need it now. Otherwise, Roy and Ray’s ( and mine as well as many other’s) worst nightmares will come true.


Yes and they should have a few networks in attendance with video cameras.

There is too much going on behind closed doors by special interests, there are conflicts, there are misrepresentations, and their are erroneous statements being made.

George that is a very good idea.

I am tired of seeing P2P acting in a manner that makes us all look bad. Clearly CAHPI has no power to correct this or deal with these typ concerns because discipline is a provincial matter. That would mean complaints about this matter must go to OAHI. But like I said why would I complain about this P2P affair when the culprit is on the DPPC and the President is on the Past Presidents Council of Ontario and on the National. What the hell is going on?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON