Pa 100 supervised inspections?

I have been a member of nachi for 1 year but have not been able to do any inspection because of the Pa law that I need 100 supervised inspections. I have not been able to find anyone willing to supervise these inspections. Is there anyone from Pa that can give me some advice or direction so that I can start my inspections.

Apparently my membership is on hold because I am late renewing my membership but until I know if I can ever do an inspection I can’t justify the membership.


Good pickup Joe!! Keep’em honest.

Good call

Some people just can’t tell the truth or so it seems


Tell the truth?! In the first post I was organizing the business with a few other people trying to break into the business. We were growing in that we had people to cover three counties and each person had a strong network in the banking and reality business. These all fell through when we were unable to get people to work with all of us. I have done well over 100 ride alongs but I didn’t realize that those counted. I thought I had to have someone signoff on my own inspection, meaning I had to carry EO and give someone the majority of the money from the inspection. It seems now that the ride along I did while taking classes and since count. It would be helpful to get good advice from those of you with experience rather than attacks that are not based in fact.

Can you go back and have the people you rode with sign off for you.

Yes sir, I am in the process of doing just that. Thank you very much for the advice, I can always use the help of the veterans.