PA education - recommendations please

Hello. I have been perusing your site for weeks. I have read good things about AHIT and ITA but was wondering if anyone knows of the courses Penn Foster puts out?

It is certainly the more affordable of the three but I realize we get what we pay for. (I need affordable however!).

Also, after looking at the projections of inspectors across the states I am wondering if PA is an area you would consider already saturated?

Finally; having little background can a person taking home-based courses do as thorough a job as a person having construction, electrical,ect. experience?

I took the online test and would suggest being able to see the scores as a learing tool to know what areas are weak and strong.

Thank you for your time and suggestions. I am very impressed with the NACHI site and organization!

Thanks for the nice words about NACHI… I of course agree. My replies are in order to your questions:

I don’t know about Penn Foster and would stick solely to the educational offerings in where you will find both ITA and AHIT, good inspections schools.

A slightly saturated market is the best to enter as the competition is likely killing themselves with pricing and so would not be a hinderance to you (provided you are a strong marketer). In other words… price war participants in your market is a good thing, not a bad thing. They make themselves weak and their markets vulnerable… to you.

In order of best to worst (in terms of how much you will learn) I would put your educational options as:

  1. Class room and online (tied for first).
  2. Mock inspections.
  3. At home study.

And as to your final comment, NACHI members have access to stuff like this

Thanks for posting!

P.S. Watch out for the PHIC Scam in PA