PA Home Inspections

I continue to receive calls for inspections in PA…What is everyone doing as it appears we are considered “Non Essential” at this time?

There are some inspectors doing them. Pay attention to what your governor orders and the decide if you want to inspect regardless.

Your health and the health of your loved ones may depend on your decision.

P.S. It is good to see you back on our forum, Patrick!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thank you Sir!

One of my competitors actually received a waiver. I still get calls but we just tell them what is going on and so far everyone is understanding. I do not feel the short term reward of continuing to work is worth the risk right now. Imagine what it will do to your business if you are quarantined for an additional 14 days.

I’m not an ASHI member, but PRO-ASHI out of the Pittsburgh area sent a letter out stating that they had applied for exemption with the state and received an official denial for the inspection industry. So, I’ve decided to err on the safe side and cease all business activity till the mandate is lifted. Hopefully it will be soon, but we’ll see…

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In West Virginia, “real estate services” are classified as essential. People need shelter and they can’t always get loans without an inspection. Read your state’s list carefully.

Has anyone heard anything different from PA in regards to waivers or other? A realtor just indicated there was an overall waiver for all inspectors but I can’t find it.

Trying to find the same thing. PAR says realtors risk losing their license with any activity. I am waiting for a reply from the state for a waiver to inspect for those who have scheduled closings. Inspection would be me and only me in the home wearing required PPE. I’ll keep you posted.

Registered pesticide companies are on the list of life sustaining businesses and if you have your business licensed to do Termite inspections I believe you would be covered. Who says termites are not in your heater.