PA one step closer to licensure

Well…for those of you who like to follow the licnesure laws…it looks like PA is one step closer to havign something reasonable passed compared to the original bill that was submitted a couple of years ago. I have not had a chance to read thorugh this in it’s entirety, however on a quick scan through the document, it appears that everything that we fought for a little over a year ago is being addressed. Last year I sent out thousands of emails to everyone involved in the inspection industry in PA and recieved back several hundreds of replies. Those responces were put together into a list of suggestions that were posted here on the board and found by PHIC who presented those suggestions as their own work. I honestly don’t care if they want to claim all that work as their own at this point. I just wanted to see a really bad piece of legislature kicked out before it had a chance to pass. It looks some major revisions have been made since the stake holders meeting we had early last year in Harrisburg. I know NACHI does not support licensure in any state, but it can’t be avoided when the legislature gets rolling. I feel that all the work that was put into fighting the initial bill that was presented is finally starting to pay off and a fair compromise between the existing laws and the proposed legislature is finally starting to blend together.

If you are interested in reading the current revisions, you can see them here.

P.S. Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

The virus is spreading. I hope it spreads to the justice department.

It gets rid of the membership in a national association requirement and forces associations to compete based on value offered to the inspector. If an association wants members in PA, it will have to earn them. :smiley:

I forgot to add that Chris Duphily, Mark Long, Joe McKeever, and many other NACHI inspectors did a tremendous amount of work in helping gather and put all the suggestions together and provided support by being at the stake holders meeting.

Way to stick together for the good of the industry guys!

NOT shooting the messenger, but a SHOT over the bow!!

Blending together, that’s what I tought in the Washington State Bill, and I was complacent, “can’t we all get along?” It’s not the orginal bill that is the killer, it’s all that is “added” to after the fact.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! “In the end”

Be wary and alert was to what the governmnet has in store for you. All legislation is written for those with an agenda in mind, and not necessarly for the common good!!