Pa Radon Testing...?

Considering how often PSA come out by the Pa DEP to get homes radon tested by picking up DIY kits from home depot. Real Estate Agents telling clients ‘as-is’ means radon problems will not be corrected prior to sale, so save the money and do a DIY test after you close. Pa DEP raising fees, Lowes now has $10(with lab fees) Radon Test Kits.

I feel that I’m working just to financial support the Pa DEP’ Radon Division (which testing cert fee is higher than any other government certifications/licenses I have: Electrician, EMT, UCC, “exterminator” - COMBINED!). Also, with their (Radon Division) funding problems, hence the sharp increase in fees, they will soon see fining people as another source of income.

Is there anyone making money on doing Radon testing, or are we all doing them to perform a few extra home inspections per year?