Pacific Federal Panel


If a condo has a PFP and needs gfci’s installed in the 2/2 / two in the kitchen and one in each of the two bathrooms does the homeowner have to replace the panel? What is the best solution with safety first when economics matter?

Thank you

Adding GFCI receptacles where needed, does not affect the panel at all. The FPE panel has it’s own issues though.

You say it has issues …all?..really?
First part is correct.
Second part I recommend warning them about the perception as a disclaimer.

The best solution for who?? As an Inspector report what you see. How it gets corrected is not in your scope.

The two locations mentioned should be protected by GFCI of some sort.

Federal Pacific panels have a contentious reputation for being defective. Whether this reputation is deserved is moot, at the very least you should make the client aware of the panel.

As for replacing the panel, not your concern.

Thank you for your replies.