Package of inspection agreements to give away

In keeping with Nick’s suggestion of passing on items not needed…I have a package of 22 InterNACHI Inspection Agreements that I can’t use up here in Alberta.
I’ll send it to the first person that replies with their mailing address.

Jeff Hannon
Delanson, New York

need a mailing address

Daniel, I just noticed that you are in Canada. Postage will cost an arm and a leg to get it down here. I will pass it on to a Canadian inspector.


shouldn’t cost more’n a couple of bucks…

Chris Grant
Done Right Home Inspections
170-1 memorial Ave suite 109
Orillia Ont Canada

ok Bruce (Chris), I’ll send em off to you.

I agree ,but it will cost more then a couple of $

Thanks Daniel They will be for my son Chris who has joined me in business.

Good deal for your son Bruce. Thanks for sharing Daniel.