Package unit age

Carrier package unit:

Model # 50TJ -005—311GA
Serial # 2500G21478

I believe this unit is a 2000.

Just doesnt make sense, as the building was built in 1998.

Forget this post guys. I just looked up the building through the appraisers office. The effective build date of the unit was 2000. That will teach me to listen to the realtor.

In many large subdivisions, as well as large condo complexes, the public records will often show a build date and an effective build date. What that means is that the subdivision or building was started in the year shown for the build date, and that individual home or condo was built/sold in the year shown for the effective build date.


Most of our county propertly appraiser sites only show the first sell date. This one just threw me because the agent said the building was older than it really was. I guess my confusion was just a state of mind.