Packed House In Toronto

Many Inspectors showed up for the seminar in Toronto.
We had a great time.

Mike Crow teaching on inspector success.

Nick and Val hand out thousands of dollars of door prizes.

From right to left is John M., Mario K, Nick Gromicko,
and Mario can fill in the rest.

“What have you done for me lately?”
Mario really put the jaw lock on Russell.
Russell put some Alabama wisdom on Mario…:slight_smile:

Thanks to Mario K. for taking many of us out to eat…!

Howdy… from the Toronto IR Class.

Thanks to all my Canadian friends.!

My pics:

I think this Mario guy works for CITY-TV: He’s EVERYWHERE!

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Mario you look tuff. I can taking your pic to my next bar fight.

Bill Devries and David Cook on the left.
Bill, Nice meeting you.

Mario, Thanks for the beer… now what can I complain about?

Bill Mullen, Thanks for the update and info



Thanks so very much for giving me an opportunity to take my various messages directly to the NACHI members. I thoroughly enjoyed myself every minute I was there.

I think you and I had some very worthwhile and frank chats, and I think the future looks good. Once I get a rest from the past three hectic days I’ll contact you and we can discuss a few more ideas.

It was an honour and a pleasure to meet your lovely wife and well-mannered, polite son. You are a lucky guy !!!

I met so many very knowledgeable and helpful people I don’t know where to begin, but Joe Ferry, Mike Crow, Russell Buchanan, Valerie Green welcomed me and treated me like old friends.

I met lots of my new and old colleagues and I hope I was able to advise a few of them on a number of matters. I also received much good advice.

Last and certainly not least, it was a profound pleasure to meet John McKenna and sit in his Infrared Course for two days. The amount of information he threw at us in a short two days was amazing, but with his old boy, quiet humour and wit, he kept the class alive and interesting. Thanks, John, and I sincerely hope our friendship lasts many years.

I also have some pictures from our class that I took from the rear of the room and with any luck, I’ll upload a couple just to show you I learned something.

All the best

Bill Mullen





Thanks Bill.


Remind me not to sit in a row ahead of you next time in class; you aim is too good…

On a more serious note, it was nice to meet old friends and meet new ones; many thanks to John for teaching me so much in such a short time and to Nick and team for providing us such a great association with resources to die for!


I took that picture in French just because you came so far for the course.

Bill Mullen


People will come from farther distance for a good thing and we know what that good thing is…:nachi:

Seeing me again? That’s flattering. Marcel. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Bill Mullen

Just got back from Lake Temagami. Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries!

Nick, how did he do with the canoe ride??

He’s pretty beat up. But that is the point of it. This is the second year I sent him (my 15 year old son) up there.

As a former slave (I was sold into slavery when I was 12), I try to give my kids everything I can. That’s a mistake that I had to unravel with my younger son. These trips help do that, and also keep him away from video games and TVs.


The trip you provided for your son will be unforgettable and much better than any video game on the market!!
I did a three day canoe trip at the age of 14 that I cherish and remember to this day!

Forget the video games REALITY is a much better place to be. Temagami is a great experience , I have been fishing up in that area a few times. How did he handle the MOSQUITOES!:mrgreen: