Packers got shafted

WOW,anyone see the Monday night game with the replacement officials actually helping Seattle win the game.

I hate the Packers but feel bad for them.
Time to bring back the real Refs.

Yeah, or at least actually train these guys. The Patriots game was pretty bad too…

These guys one play call phnatom pass interference one play then let the DB tackle the receiver the next and its fine…how about the detroit game, spotting the ball at the wrong 44 yard line and giving 12 free yards?

Well when some of these guys are your refs

I saw nothing wrong…Great, clean catch. :wink: Did I mention, I’m a Seahawks fan?

Packers are a bunch of whiners!

May be true. But the scab refs still suck.

Too bad the billionaire owners making record profits can’t afford to pay professional refs.

It’s like telling movie-goers they have to watch Spiderman in black and white because the theater can’t afford full color.

Problem is that Players will not walkout in support as refs did not back them in the past either.

Interesting as I see anti-union Governor Scott Walker backs the refs…,0,674551.story


No solidarity for their union brothers? Who knew?

Pot calling the kettle black.

Knew that would get you in…lol
Families fight too you know.

Remember these are entertainers so they think like all the Republican actors that keep getting thrown at us.:wink:

The link about some of the substitute refs being rejected for incompetency by the Lingerie Football League was the icing on the cake.

From at least a good story perspective…I would be thrilled to find that the SPECIFIC rejected ref(s) made the call at the packers game…that would be rich.


Yeah that was a funny part of the whole fiasco.

Some of them couldnt be lingere football league refs…Hell I have better eyes than them, maybe I could ref in the lingere football league. certainly a better use for my keen observation skills…:mrgreen:

wrong calls decide games every week. just because it happens at the very end of the game its different?

Wrong calls happen even with regular refs, but these guys dont even know the rules and make wrong calls.

Plus there are more wrong calls now than before.

Also these guys arent assertive enough to control the game, the NFL is, on one hand saying player safety is paramount, then these officials let the games get way out of hand, looks like old time 1960’s kill each other and play dirty NFL now.

Dont get me wrong, I think that there are guys who can ref, that are not the original crews, it isnt like players where only a few men have the skill to do it, they lack the experience, training and are maybe a bit awestruck by the moment.

The regular refs will be heroes on return after this .

The Line Judge that ruled touchdown was a NCAA Division III referee that was not able to get his Division I rating this year due to low scores. Can’t ref college football but can ref NFL football.

I am sure that all those posting for unregulated business environments are happy for the NFL. The Multi Billion dollar per year NFL is happy with their business decision to bring in less expensive officials and make/save more money.

Replacements are trending as Google has a replacement now and it is sponsored by the NFL…

Replacement refs are in the same situation as cheap home inspectors.

The real refs are the same situation as CMI’s and NACHI inspectors.

Is a cheap HI as good as a CMI/NACHI HI?

Bosses (agents) want cheap, but as soon as they try them, and their customers cry foul, they want the best ones back, and then they start complaining again about detailed reports, and go looking for other cheap HI’s.

Sad part is that there are always other cheap, minimal reporting, newbie HI’s for agents to select from.

There were several game changing wrong calls in that game. If the bogus interference call had not been made, the Packers would not have scored their touchdown and the game end would have been irrelevent.