Paging Mr Bowers, Mr Bowers, Mr Bowers.... got a goodie for ya lol

Dan, check out what this homeowner did, aka tried, he raised and sloped the grade AND he added shtt i dunno about 20-30’ long downspout ext’s AND he put a whole LOTTA lol plexiglass, wood up-against his house… go 'head check it all out… Dan, he still leaked, he leaked LESS but kept leaking and began getting some MOLD inside, hence he finally let go of some money for the needed waterproofing to keep water out n stop the mold
this video is the ESTIMATE, you can see, hear him lol, at 2:20 i even say to him, ‘Go ahead and raise the grade to the ROOF’

He hired us cuz of the mold but also HE said because, prior to finding us, all who gave him previous estimates over the last 5 years were interior system crooks who wanted MUCH more money to, divert the incoming water which would NOT have stopped/prevented further mold.

Here is ‘part’ of the job,
Dan, see the underground tree root? It continues UNDER his concrete patio, a patio he already tried mudjacking AND plopped some tar along perimeter of patio and house hahaha

This job, the DIG, should have been 6’ deep… it was 7’ deep because he raised the grade 1’ high, thanks, you will start paying for the extra shtt we gotta do

and yes, showed him everything including that root and gace him another est in case he wanted a lil more done or was worried the root would do more damage

Dan, what else would YOU had have this guy do? Raise the grade to the ROOF?

This crap is getting old.


that’s exactly what i said about 12-15 yrs ago about home inspectors repeatedly recommending grading for leaky basements, same with, ‘Oh just monitor the foundation crack’… yeah very old.

nobody asked you to read my shtt, you can easily pass it by.

How to put Mark Anderson on your twit list (AKA: How to ignore him and his posts)

Unfortunately, it’s not permanent. You’ll need to renew it every 4 month.


wonderfkkkgful, tah tah, another bullwinkle home inspector, fkkkg cry baby mfg home inspectors, cannot admit when they r wrong, simple

Apparently some twit is making noise somewhere. Gee, it seems I missed it. Wonder if his head will explode…



thought you were gone man, more cry baby shtt

Worth repeating, thanks Chuck!

Folks, this is a contractor who is continuously putting down home inspectors on a home inspector’ forum who bragged about being kicked off other forums for same. Food for thoughts!


Did a tree fall somewhere? I didn’t hear it.


Chuckie cheese, go cry to someone else, ‘Oh poor lil contractor bitched at big bad homie inspector’, awwwwwwwwwwwww

Chuckieeee, here is a home inspector knocking, shtting on, another home inspector…hmmm, guess this is okay with you right?
He writes, “I was asked to check a home that was purchased and previously inspected, look at all the things the inspector missed (not me)…”

All I can hear is a bag of hot air deflating…