Paid advertising in reports and websites

Anyone charge for service providers to advertise either within their reports, on a vendor list, or by other means? And if so, what’s a good amount to charge for those?

Furniture stores, lawn maintenance, etc.

We all have our own business models. Mine would NEVER include this. Just my opinion.

Fair enough. I know some inspectors that do, and I’m curious to get other opinions. Why wouldn’t you?

I would think businesses would be willing to pay very little considering the limited audience.

Just curious. Isn’t using the three “famous words”** C**ertified Master Inspector getting you enough business?

I’m talking business concepts, not getting more business necessarily

If you stop thinking about your business, your business just stops

So does anyone here have experience in this? I know that Nick used to do this

If you figure it out Ian, I’d appreciate info on how you made it work.

Advertising in a legal document ?
In a confidential client report ?
Man thats slimey.

Since the report is professional advice and you are referring these services I would sue you for everything possible if I used any of your report recommended vendors and was not happy with them.

Well, looks like I’m not inspecting for you then

You think disgusted clients will not have the same thought?

Imagine Agents showing people:roll: how desperate the silly Inspector with ads in reports must be.

“Today’s list of defects requiring a full roof replacement is brought to you by our sponsor … New York Roofing, LLC … your local roofers. In business since 1982. Call the roofing pros at BR-549”

LOL That should get lots of referrals JB.

Is this marketing gem in the Staving Inspector book?

I have a packet I give to clients with these coupons included. AVS is always good for business and the return is much higher than trying to sell a spot in my report. On your web site maybe but the client paid for the report and I just couldn’t see that as professional. When I give them the local welcome packet with some great values in its long with a great experience and solid report… I just secured free advertising and likely other inspections… All about ROI at the end of the day

By the way, I get to enjoy some great discounts myself from my grateful vendors

LOL - Thanks for the laugh Jim. :smiley:

I only see one person in this discussion that knows what I was talking about. I get the problems with ads in your report (and it was just one thing that I’ve seen done). The vendor list/welcome packet is the most common thing that I’ve seen and a large number of inspectors use this. Discounts for my clients when they need services, paid as space, you know your client isn’t getting the greasy contractor that the agent has paid off, and other benefits.

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