Palin so deep in Obama's brain he doesn't know whether to defecate or wind his watch.

Not my line, but she sure has him rattled.

Watch her go folks…!


OK. So John, exactly what did you mean by “go” ?:mrgreen:

The word “go” is like an ink blot test.

Some people, like you, are prone to see these kinds of things.:slight_smile:

The one thing that had to happen between now & November for the possibility for a Republican win was to keep the economy together, now with the greatest economic crash since Hover not only is the Bush legacy forever in the toilet but all of the oxygen which had been fueling Hurricane Palin will be sucked out like a bunker bomb hitting a Taliban cave city.

Expect the economy, jobs & real issues to replace the porcine lipstick talking-points as fear grips the public and drives home the Democratic message.

I’m back to believing in an Obama Landslide Victory in November, remember above all… It’s the economy stupid!

What Democratic message?

The one that pretends that increases in taxes and spending will magically boost the economy.

Joe, let’s be honest, your only issue is the war in Iraq. You are the classic single issue voter. IMHO of course;-)

Obamas Economics Plan