Palm 680 unlocked cell phone for sale!

I have the Palm treo 700p. It is the worst phone i have ever had. I hope the 680 is better

I was always happy with the Palm Treo’s as they rarely crashed but their bluetooth support was horrible. I have the 700p and the 700w (as well as 6 other treos). The 700w crashes twice as much as the 700p. So I swapped it with the Spring Mogul (PPC 2700), which crashes even more. Oh well, guess I’m out of luck with all these devices.

Ive got a nokia with all the same bells and whistles and it has excellent Bluetooth support; now if I can just stop losing the earpieces I will be set.

Lol, I know the feeling!

Well who ever JT is I have always been called a deal killer. Mainly because i tell the truth. So thanks for the red. By the way the 700p got so bad i just changed it out to a black berry last night.

My 3 months old Sprint Mogul died last night. I should have flushed it weeks ago. Time to go back to the drawing board.