Palm-Tech License

I have been using Palm-Tech V5 for 3 years now and think it is great. Unfortunetly, I changed company names 2 years ago and in order to get an updated licence, Palm-Tech want another $900. Can anybody offer any advise in this matter?

Do want to put your other company name on your reports? Is that the issue?

I was able to put my current logo on my reports. As far as the name and address, I have to modify every PDF once completed.

Keep us updated,might explain why it’s not so popular.

Palm-tech licenses the user so you can put it on all devices you want.
Sounds like you need to prove somehow that it is not 2 separate businesses.
Usually if you have a change of permanent info they can send a disc to install.

Yikes, with all the Beta testing I install for HIP it sure is great to have customer service not sucking.

Greg, did you talk to Will over there? That doesn’t make any sense. If it’s the same inspector name and just a different company name I can’t see them charging anything other than a small fee for their time (if any fee at all). Will is one of the main owners, I’d contact him directly.

I spoke to Will last year about it, but it probably is worth speaking to him again.


I agree with Dom…I would talk to Will and make sure you explain your situation. It makes no sense they would do that.

I did have a conversation with Will Singer at Palm Tech. He stated that since my previous company was a franchise and a different entity than my new company, I would have to pay full price for a license. I was hoping, expecting at least a discount. If my customer’s were not a custom to my current report, I definetly would switch. Unfortunately, I am kinda locked in with Palm Tech and they know that.

That’s a different scenario. You and Palm-Tech want to make it very clear that you are not using the license that was sold to you as a franchise. To protect you and Palm-Tech I would advise purchasing a new license to show that in no way shape or form you are somehow using the old license to get a discount or anything…if their lawyer saw that you get a newly discounted licensed because of the previous franchise license there could be trouble. It is well worth the cost of having it as clean as can be and treat the transaction as a new license. Just my 2 cents. Been down that path before.