Palm Tech ?

Anybody know where I can buy Palm-Tech software second hand ? I checked with Palm -Tech, they will transfer the license to a new owner for a fee

Big question is why? just kidding i use for another company ( i sub too) i hate it. I use Home gauge for mine, Hip is excellent too.

Hey Wayne, Thanks for the input Tell me more, please. Im curious to know what you like about the others, and dislike about Palm Tech?
I used a demo version, and after I tweaked it a little liked the reports it produced. I have tried to demo others but sometimes have issues with downloading them ( Im not Mr. Computer )Palm Tech gave me a disk to demo theres and all worked well for me, but maybe I’m missing out
All input is welcome !!

I can only comment on palm tech and the HG.
Palm Tech next to no email support i left several emails about
Something they never got back to me HG right away, ability to add Text to your pictures
upload to web site ( you have to pay HG for that but worth it.)
HG is easier to size pictures as you go through Not available in Palm Tech
Adding pictures from the program is easier too side bar lets you browse right there no flipping back and forth.
you can call me if you want lot easier than typing.

I’m with Wayne on this one.

I have been using Homegauge for many years…
The best part of Homegauge,
is tech support is never needed…
all versions work quite well out of the box…
I have not updated in many years, (since 2007)
never a problem,
never a crash…

I’ve been using palmtech for 4 years now and I really like it. Never a problem so far. Little hard when uploading photo’s is my only complant. I heard they fixed it in the window 7 version

Still a issue in the new version , little difference

Not sure which software he demoed but never heard anyone complain they can not download HIP.

To put pictures in your palm-tech report you can open a 2nd window with (my pictures) showing in the window.
Then drag and drop the photo from My Pictures to the report.
I use the older version of Palm-tech.

I have used Palm-Tech for years and really like it. I use the Ipad version and it is very easy to use. As far as tech support, they answer the phone every time! If you have time to email you have time to call them. Every version has been a little better. I am sure there are reports with more features but it has what I need!

I have used Palm-Tech for 10 years, currently running version 5 with no issues. At this point in time I have amassed a fairly full narrative library and would be hard pressed to change.