Palo Alto Home For Sale

This is my aunt’s home that just went on the market in Palo Alto CA. She is almost the original owner. The home was built in 1955, and she and her husband bought it in 1956. I remember visiting this home when I was just 5 years old in 1957. It was built when a lemon grove was converted to housing, but two of the original trees are still standing. My sister-in-law from [FONT=Arial]Reno did the staging and furnishings for showing.[/FONT]
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Nice home.

Boy it looks like the prices out there still have a long way to drop. I could buy a house like that in Florida for less than 75k.

There seams to not be a slow-down in Palo Alto. My aunt’s agent had over 100 visiters to the open house this past weekend, with 5 offers and two more coming this morning. I see a trip to the left coast soon.

That’s good. It is amazing to learn that there is such a difference from coast to coast.

North to South too.

This is 3400 sq ft built in '04. Rancho Mirage - near Palm Springs. $650k



Being near Stanford doesn’t hurt any!

That home here, near Humboldt State University would go for about $300K, 10 miles away it would go for the low to mid 200’s.

Here it would be 1 to 1.5 mil., possibly more. Of course it would not be backed up to a business industrial area for that price, put it a block from the beach and add 4-5 hundred K to the price.

Sold. 1.1 Mil.