Panama City inspection price war**

Check this new guy in town. Here is what he is offering::freaked-:
**Worried about what a service like this will cost? There is no need to worry. The cost is only $250. That is for the home inspection, web site, and the free wind mitigation. Most home inspections are from $200 and up, and they do not include the wind mitigation ($75.) or the convenience of the website. Any size of home, age, or location is all the same low price](*,). ******

Soon any home inspection will be $200.00 regardless of the size and location of the house. Including: roof inspection, W/M, 4 Point and any other ancillary services. On package, one price…:roll:

Licensing at its best working for you. Bottom line you get a mediocre home inspection from an inexperience and clueless (8\)inspector at a cheap price. You will get what you pay for…****

Nothing like some good competition in this thriving economy.

Price wars mean nothing. His quality of work will soon put him out of business. When someone tells me I am higher priced than the low baller, it is a great opportunity to sell yourself. You cannot win them all, but by educating them. I probably pick up 40% of the price shoppers.

We have one company down here that charges no less than $450.00 for any inspection and they are busy as hell (giving realtors a kick back). So it is not only price that sells.

What do you expect when you have 2500 licensed home inspectors that have never inspected a home.

Hell there is even one Florida guy here who thinks that $35 an hour is good money for a inspector.

I need someone like that in my area for the big houses. I will sub out all of my 3500 sq ft or larger homes to him. Now that sounds like a good idea, the Sears of Florida home inspections.

wsiegel writes:

Can you explain this “giving realtors a kick back” accusation?

Do you think there are 2500 new home inspectors, or simply that we can now identify those who have been performing inspections?

We constantly mine public info over at and there are way fewer inspectors in Florida than there where 3 years ago.

Holy crapoly, $2500 for a list! I bet thats a steal for publishers and education companies and industry people though huh.

MICB doesn’t sell many because InterNACHI is a participating vendor in the program and InterNACHI combines that list with its own mining efforts and other lists and maintains an even bigger, fresher list that we use to promote InterNACHI-friendly vendors and give them a huge competitive advantage over association-neutral vendors.

Death to association-neutral vendors. :wink:

Before it is all over I expect Floridians will wittiness the $99 home inspection… Do you want fries with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you will see them as a free add-on to the $75 wind mit. Wind mitigation inspections are ancillary and do not fall under the NACHI or ASHI code of ethics…so presenting a job bid along with the report, while abhorrent and wrong, violates no ethical code.

An agent just forwarded an email to me from a lowballer.


Michael Koontz Constructions,Inc.
912 Cimarron Circle
Bradenton,FL 34209
·*** ***Wind Mitigation (Money Back Guarantee) $100 ***
***Wind Mitigation & Four Point $100 ***
Wind Mit, Four Points & Roof Cert $100
***Roof Certification Only $50 ***
******Flood Elevation Certificates (Depending on Location) $250 ***

*** The Big Combo!!!***
*** Any Combination of Inspections is Only $100 ***

*** Turn Around Time 24-48 Hours***
*** Emergencies We Love Them!!!***
*** We DO Inspections SEVEN DAYS a Week!!!***
*** 7:00 AM until Dark… ***


We specialize in Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Charlotte
Hardee and Desoto Counties……and anywhere else you need us to go!!!

Please make us your one stop shop for all your customer’s inspection needs!!
*** Michael Koontz James Craft***
*** Wind Mitigation Inspector****** Wind Mitigation Inspector***
*** 941-720-7215***

Boy…that didn’t take long.

he’s still high…75.00 here…100 for combo…