Panel bonding?

The SEC main ground is connected directly to the panel, would this meet the bonding requirement?
Copy of P3270099.JPG

Copy of P3270099.JPG

I can’t see clearly enough to tell. As you know the bonding is normally done with a bond screw or strap between the neutral bar and the enclosure.

Gary it’s hard to tell from the photo what exactly we’re looking at. Are you saying that the grounded conductor (neutral) is connected directly to the panel enclosure?


If it’s only connected to the enclosure then you might have a problem with section 200.2 from the 2008 NEC:

Robert, I believe that section means that the enclosure cannot be used as a jumper between grounded conductors, ie so no current would be flowing on the enclosure.

Yes you’re correct, that why I said the only connection. If the neutral is only connected to the enclosure and the nuetral bus is bonded to the enclosure then the neutral current will flow on the enclosure. But I’m having a hard time deciphering the photo so based on the photo and what Gary posted I’m only guessing. :slight_smile:

Lets not forget that in that type of connection you would have to provide additional points of termination for other grounded conductors so it brings in not only the concern that is already posted…but does not afford additional terminal points for the additional grounded conductors in the entire system.