Panel box ?

What is the cut aluminum wire?

I believe it’s just an EGC but it wasn’t needed because that’s the main panel. Am I right?

If this is a 120/240 volt service then it appears that they ran SER cable (4 conductors) instead of SEU (3 Conductors). Only 3 conductors would be needed.

Does this help?
(only looks like 3 to me?)

Do those appear to be the same three conductors that are in the panel with the bare stranded conductor cut off?

Yes, but let me ask you this.
Is there any other splicing/connection points between the overhead conductors and the panel box? Does the utility company only run to the masthead, then an electrician runs from there to the panel?

The meter

Typically the EC runs from the point of attachment down, meaning the vertical riser, the meter enclosure and the service panel.

Duhhhh…another case where my hands were typing without consulting with my brain first…

That makes since then that the 3 conductors from the service drop connects to the meter, then an electrician used a 4 conductor to the panel…right?

This was a newer meter box.

Yes. But it wasn’t needed because that’s a main panel. Perhaps the electrician had some left over. If the main disconnect was at the meter I think the 4 conductor cable would have been needed to the sub panel inside.

Does this help?

Like Robert, it looks like SER was used when SEU would have worked.

Yes, if the service disconnect were on the outside adjacent to the meter then the panel would be a"sub-panel" and 4 conductors would be required. Since it’s not a sub-panel then all of the grounding on the line side of the service disconnect is done with the service neutral, therefore only 3 conductors are required.

Just as I thought. Thanks!

I’m amazed at how smart you guys are. I sincerely appreciate this learning experience and hope someday I can become a contributor and not just another wannabe HI…:slight_smile: